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For 17 years we have been working to help around 14,000 people with hearing loss in Albania, Kosovo, and in the Albanian territories of Macedonia and Montenegro, by providing quality products and services, as well as continuously adopting more advanced acoustic prosthesis technical practices and methods.

Percept the sound waves of environment that surprise

Listening is the ability to perceive the sound waves of the environment around us, as well as the brain’s ability to perceive the interpreting sounds, including conversations.


Mechanism Of Hearing

The mechanism of hearing as well as that of equilibrium is quite complicated. This is because the vibrations of the sounds cause the auditory receptors to stimulate, while the head movements disturb the fluids surrounding the balance organs.

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Problems With Hearing

istening is the ability to perceive the sound waves of the environment around us, as well as the brain’s ability to interpret sounds, including conversations. Hearing loss is a problem that negatively affects a person’s life

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Hearing Protection

Immediately report to an ORL physician in case of immediate damage from loud noises such as a fireball burst, firing of a weapon near your ear, making a loud noise

Hearing aids are digital and operate thanks to a complex circuit

The placement of an acoustic hearing aid or denture is recommended in the case of severe to profound hearing loss, otosclerosis, early acoustic trauma, young people with congenital deafness, childhood nerve damage during viral conditions, hyperthermic conditions, and when the ORL physician does not recommend treatment with surgical intervention or medication treatment.


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