The Salajakustik cabinet is equipped with a special audiometric room that meets all the optimum conditions or performing a precise hearing measurement and obtaining an accurate result.

This room is constructed to prevent any sound other than the audiometer emitting. In addition to being acoustically insulated, it is equipped with headphones and an audiometer, which has all the right and contemporary settings (Interacoustic), which specializes in capturing patient-perceived sounds starting from 10 dB up to 120 dB, and frequencies from 125 Hz – 8000 Hz.

The hearing test serves to assess the patient’s hearing threshold. Specifically, the audiometer used in our cabinet is of Tonal type and makes precise measurements of the lowest that the ear can perceive or hear known as the hearing threshold.

After obtaining the result, it is determined whether the examined person needs the device or not, and if the device is needed is evaluated on the most appropriate model. Patient data are recorded and stored in the system, which backs up the entire patient database.