The Salajakustik Cabinet offers Hearing Aid Batteries, which are imported from Europe’s Leading Companies for their production.

These batteries should not be confused with similar types used for watches, as they cause damage to the device circuit. They are of four types and vary in size and hearing aid. Thus, there are batteries of mass 10, 13, 312 and 675. They are offered in special packs of 6 chips, isolated from each other as well as from contact with other metal surfaces. These species are 1.45 V with no mercury content (Hg 0%). Battery life in the Laboratory is up to 6 months, while the life span of a cell varies from 7-10 days.

Along with replaceable batteries, the Salaj Cabinet also offers rechargeable batteries for special appliances (ZPower miniRITE and miniRITE R / Oticon). These models work with lithium ion batteries, which include liquids and substances that make them prone to spontaneous ignition. Such batteries ensure optimum hearing aid performance with little charging time. They have a lifespan of up to 4 and a half years, compared to earlier models of rechargeable batteries. If you are a user of rechargeable batteries, detailed information on the current battery level, its full functional status, and the time left to use it until you replace the new battery, you can get visit your specialist while hearing aids programming through the Genie 2 platform.

In addition to the advantages of using rechargeable batteries, care should be taken as they are considered hazardous materials for the environment and health and have high transport costs.