Apparatus behind the ear as they say and the word itself are placed behind the ear and thanks to their arched shape they fit very well. A transparent tube is attached to the ear canal to convey the sound to the ear canal. These types of devices are usually used when the hearing loss is severe.


These types of earplugs are positioned behind the ear just like what we talked about above, but the only difference is that the tube coming down from the hearing aid to the ear canal is very thin and invisible.


These types of devices are placed in the ear canal and allow for the improvement of a wide range of hearing loss including severe ones. It is the only in-ear device that has a volume potentiometer.


This type of hearing aid is completely inserted into the ear canal and is almost invisible. It is already possible to produce CIC for severe hearing problems.


It is the smallest hearing aid ever manufactured. It is placed very deep in the ear canal and is used in cases where the hearing impairment is mild. It is completely invisible.