Oticon OPN represents the most advanced model of hearing aids, with 64 amplification channels.

Oticon Opn™ is designed to increase central nervous system performance in noisy environments. These handsets enable:Full 360 in the perception of the surroundings sound field,Significant increase in central nervous system performance in noisy environments, Increasing the understanding of the lectures, without limiting the ability to perceive other sounds from the surrounding environment, Significant improvement in the ability to participate in group discussions

Oticon Opn hearing aids are designed to be used in all everyday activities.

All functional components of the apparatus are insulated and protected by a special, nano-coating (nanotechnology), and an atomic level precision coating.
These handsets are IP68 certified for high resistance to dust and water, making them very practical to use, and without having to worry about sweat or wet weather.

Oticon Opn 1 improves with:

20% ability to hear as well as ability to remember;
30% speaking ability in noisy environments
Oticon Opn ™ can connect directly to your iPhone and any other Android device via Bluetooth by activating Oticon ON. This utility allows listening devices to turn on headphones to talk or listen to music directly from the mobile device, which can control the volume of sounds as well as change programs as desired.

The Oticon On APP includes the HearingFitness mod module, which allows you to constantly monitor and monitor your listening status, depending on the use of the Oticon OPN device.
The Oticon OPN also includes the ConnectClip accessory, a separate microphone that connects the Oticon OPN to TV, Smatphone, Iphone, IPad, etc., providing:
1. Receiving direct calls from the phone;
2. Access to listen to music or sounds set directly from iPhone, any other Android device or TV.
The Oticon OPN also includes the Twin LinkTM, for synchronization of both ears perception when using both handsets.

Meanwhile, the speed of signal processing thanks to OPN’s OpenSound Navigator platform provides access to a wide range of environmental sounds without overloading the brain with unnecessary information, as well as providing the feel of an acoustically balanced environment.

All Oticon OPN Bluetooth-enabled handsets can be connected to iPhone and any other Android device, thanks to the Oticon ON app that can be downloaded in the APP Store or Google Play.

The OPN is designed in several models (ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC, etc.), as well as eight different colors.