Listening is the ability to perceive the sound waves of the environment around us

Hearing loss is a problem that negatively affects a person’s life, causing communication difficulties, lack of confidence, loneliness and isolation from society. These individuals also have difficulty understanding physician advice, as well as responding to warnings signs.

In addition to age, other causes that lead to hearing loss are: damage to the cochlea and the auditory nerve, due to constant exposure to high noise, inherited, acoustic trauma, illness, side effects of certain medications, otosclerosis, etc.

Hearing loss is divided into mild, moderate, severe, profound, and temporary hearing loss.

Meanwhile, there are two general categories of hearing loss:

1. Sensory-neural hearing loss, which occurs due to damage to the inner ear or hearing nerve. This type of hearing loss is usually permanent.

2.Conductive hearing loss, which occurs when sound waves cannot reach the inner ear due to: excessive wax buildup, perforated membrane, various infections in the middle ear, Eustachian tube pathologies, etc. In this case, the ability to hear can be recovered through proper medical interventions, surgery treatment or the use of hearing aids.

The clinical signs of hearing loss are:

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    Prone to listening to high volume radio or TV

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    Difficulty in understanding the conversation especially in noisy environments,Feeling like in a conversation, the speaker is murmuring rather than normal talking, the difficulty of listening on the phone

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    Self-isolation from social life

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    Noise or hearing strange sounds in the ear

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    Lack of ability to hear and respond to beep-like signals in alarms, car horn sounds,microwave noise, bird tweets, etc., most commonly seen in patients with high-frequency tinnitus, etc.

Early identification of hearing loss, followed by prompt and appropriate intervention, can help individuals with hearing problems more likely to recover hearing ability and thus enjoy an active social life.