Genci Salaj

Administrator / Audio Prosthetic

Genci Salaj is the founder and administrator of the first Medical Audio Prosthetic Cabinet in Albania, since May 2002. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has been continuously pursuing training and specializations focusing on the techniques of preparing hearing aids, held by Leading Companies in the field, such as: Evicoon, Andreadhis / Greece; Oticon / Denmark and Starkey / USA.


Fadil Toska

Audio Prosthesist / Salajakustik Fier

Mr. Toska serves as an audio prosthesist at ‘‘Salajakustik” Cabinet, Fier Branch, where a range of services are offered, such as: hearing measurement, health consulting, ear measure, sale of hearing aid batteries, etc.


Fatbardha Hysko

Audiometrist / Salajakustik

Fatbardha has served for 28 years as an audiometrist at the Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology in ‘Mother Teresa’ University Hospital Center, Tirana. Since 2016, she has been part of the “Salajakustik” Cabinet staff, assisting in information, consulting and especially in hearing measurement of younger patients.


Ermir Veipi

Accountant / Salajakustik

Mr. Veipi has joined the “Salajakustik” cabinet as Accountant. He keeps records of the stock in the store and performs periodic reporting in accordance with the Economic and Financial Program of the Cabinet, including the preparation of relevant reports and analyzes.


Eva Dulellari

General Manager / Salajakustik

Eva has been part of “Salajakustik” staff since 2011 and deals with: managing the overall activity of the Cabinet; monitoring the data of clients who have received health care from “Salajakustik”; monitoring sales data coming from Tirana / Fier branch and preparing relevant reports and analyzes; tracking and implementing paperwork and correspondence with local and foreign suppliers, clients; as well as the visibility of the “Salajakustik” cabinet.


Matilda Salaj

Laboratory Technician / Salajakustik

Mrs. Salaj performs as laboratory technician, she: performs laboratory tests to provide reliable and accurate data in accordance with the needs of the Cabinet; Maintenance and use of standard acoustic prosthesis preparation equipment; Cleaning and repairing hearing aids; Monitoring and ensuring strict procedures and security controls regarding the use of different solutions in the laboratory.